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Where do you go when you have to start something new in the life of your child with Autism?

Find a new vantage point. ASDVantage.  Enjoy the view.

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Raissa is a mom to twins with Autism. She didn’t know when they were 3, the life she was experiencing reflected severe cases of Autism. At age 5, one twin was non-verbal and the other one spoke, but not in any meaningful way. Tantrums and isolation were a way of life back then. Friendship and people skills for them were non-existent.

Fast forward to 2021. The twins have graduated with regular general education diplomas and are enrolled in a local community college. Both are taking online courses due to the pandemic. They are both majoring in different aspects of communication - broadcasting and digital media. There’s no more tantrums. There’s definitely social skills and a few friends here and there. And her daughter has over 300,000 hits on one of your YouTube videos.

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There’s hope.

Simple steps can produce steady results.

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